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Kalymnos has traditionally been the source of catching, processingexporting and supplying natural sponges in Greece. The natural sea sponge is not an industrial product but a living organism, and namely the skeleton of a marine animal.

Sponges, just like all living organisms, grow, survive and depend directly on the environment in which they live. Each sponge is unique, as the combination of many parameters such as the water temperature, the lighting it receives, the ripple, the existence or absence of water currents, the depth where it grows, even the age of the animal shape the form and quality of it. In nature, therefore, the sponge is found in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

The unique properties of sponges, like their proverbial absorbent ability, the long service life, the soft texture and also their ability to ensure hygiene (since they are stain resistant and do not retain odors), have established them as the best way of cleaning and taking care of the human skin.

 Sfougaria at Kalymnos By N.Smalios When visiting Kalymnos it is worth visiting any of the local sponge workshops in Pothia waterfront. Over there you can witness the traditional processing of natural sponge and discover its undeniable value.