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Telendos is a beautiful -and yet unknown to most visitors- small island opposite to Kalymnos. In the past the two islands were united, but in 535 AD they were separated after an earthquake and they have remained at a distance from each other ever since. The extent of Telendos is 5 sq. km and in the port you will find its only village with few inhabitants, who live mainly from the sponge - related activities. You can reach Telendos by boat from the island of Kalymnos, and from Myrties in particular, within 20 minutes.

To Telendos

Telendos is not rich of trees, it is surrounded however by the beautiful sea and splendid beaches. This little island is ideal for a day trip, where you can take a nice walk in its beautiful streets and enjoy delicious snacks in the picturesque taverns.

For those who love hiking and are in the mood of exploring around, it is suggested a visit to the old church and the ruined castle of St. Constantine. To get there, just follow the well-shaped path which starts from the port of Telendos and extends to the north, moving in parallel to the sea. About an hour of walk later, you will find some signs on the road that will direct you to the monastery. Alternatively, you can rent a boat that will take you to the harbor beneath the monastery. From there, follow -for about 20 minutes- the path that leads straight to the monastery.

If you happen to be in Telendos on 15 August, you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional feast made ​​on the occasion of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Another unique experience that is also worth living is the Full Moon Festival, which is held every August in Telendos and is celebrated until the morning with loud music at the beach.

 Telendos   Telendos By N.Smalios   Telendos By N. Smalios


If you have several days available do not miss a visit in Pserimos, also known as Kapari. This small island with the few inhabitants (about 40) is famous for its wild caper and will enchant you with its amazing, crystal- clear pristine beaches. During summer, Pserimos gathers many visitors who come to the island either by small boats from the neighboring islands, or by their own boats and inflatables.

A boat begins everyday at 09.30 am from Pothia in Kalymnos and it arrives at Pserimos after 50 minutes approximately. The route is spectacular, since you will be able to see several rocks with strange formations on the way. The boat returns back to Kalymnos in the afternoon, at 17.00 on weekdays and at 18.00 on Sundays.

Once you arrive at the port of Pserimos, you will see a beautiful sandy beach with turquoise waters. You can also find cafes and tavernas around. There are also more beaches on the island (e.g. Vathys, Marathontas) at a distance of 1.5 to 2 km from the port, but if you wish to visit them you will need to cover the distance on foot. In that case, it is recommended to wear the proper walking shoes and bring along some water and a hat.