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Ancient Cities and Temples


Damos, which means 'Municipality' in the Dorian dialect, was a rich settlement that culminated from the Early Hellenistic period to the Late Roman period. The ancient buildings have been maintained to a very large extent, and thus we can nowdays easily identify the ruins of a large baths complex, several houses and workshops, carved fountains, a paved stepped road, and chamber tombs carved with precious gems and other findings. The village is located north of the road that connects Chora with Elies.


Temple of Delian Apollo

This ionic-style temple is entirely constructed of marble. Its columns are preserved, but they are nowdays part of the church of Panagia Haritomeni at Chora. Various foundations and other architectural elements of the Temple have also been used in the construction of the -ruined anymore- old christian church of Christ of Jerusalem .

Xristos Of Jerusalem

The Temple of Delian Apollo, just like the Sanctuary of Delian Apollo which is next to it, were destroyed during 391-435 AD. In their place were erected at first the church of Christ of Jerusalem, and later the church Agia Sophia (or Annunciation), both using materials taken from the deconstructed Temple of Delian Apollo.


Sanctuary of Delian Apollo

Southeast of Damos, at the area which is now called Pigadia, you can find the Sanctuary of Delian Apollo. This sanctuary was the greatest and most important place of worship in ancient Kalymnos, and it served as a political and religious center for Kalymnos' towns and tribes. The rich findings that have been recovered, including inscriptions, bases of statues, figurines, broken pottery etc., indicate the religious use of the site since the early 1st BC millennium to the early Christian era. In fact, during the 4th and 3rd BC century, the Sanctuary is equiped with monumental buildings of religious and political significance.

Nowdays some religious buildings, such as temples of Apollo and Asclepius, as well as a theater, a parliament house and the gymnasium are preserved on the site of the former sanctuary. In the same spot, you can find the churches of Christ of Jerusalem and Agia Sophia (or Annunciation),  which were erected in the 5th and 6th A.D. century respectively.