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Mountain- based Activities

Mountain bike

There are several trails for mountain bike in Kalymnos, and not only dirt roads but also asphalt paved trails.

An easy trail to ride is to follow the dirt road that starts from Emborios and heads to the cape in the northwest of the island.

Experienced cyclists can follow a significantly more difficult path, the one that starts from Pothia and ends at St. Catherine's Monastery and the Kefalas cave. Two more available routes are the one from Vathys to Stimenia and from Pigadia to Kamari and Vigles.

The asphalt  paved paths extend from Massouri up to Emborios. By following these trails, you can stroll along the coast and admire the beautiful blue sea and the islet Telendos.



From the old days, many Kalymnians resorted to mountain trails during the winter in order to avoid the bad weather conditions. These trails have been preserved and are now used for walking, providing great view over the Aegean Sea and the natural beauties of Kalymnos. All routes are marked with predefined beginning and ending points. The most famous trekking routes are the following:

  • Pothia- Vathys

Easy route, 5.5 km long approx. It starts east of Pothia, above the church of Agia Triada (the Holy Trinity)

  • Arginoda- Vathys

Easy route, 7 km long approx. It starts from the bus stop in Arginonta beach

  • Chora- Profitis Elias

Difficult route, 4.5 km long approx. It starts northwest of the Great Castle in Chora

  • Kantouni- Agios Fotis

Easy route, 2.5 km long approx. It starts on the left of Kantouni beach

  • Agia Ekaterini - Kefalas cove

Easy route, 2.5 km long approx. It starts just past the Monastery of Agia Ekaterini (Saint Catherine). After you cross the first 500 meters, turn right and follow the signs indicating the path

  • Towards Agios Georgis

Easy route, 2 km long approx. The starting point is on the road towards Vothynoi. Before the folk museum, follow the distinct path to the left

  • Vathys– Kera Psili - Pezoda

Easy route, 5 km long approx. It starts at the chapel of Stavros (the Cross), at the top of the road on the northeast side of Vathys valley