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Healthcare and Safety


The Vouvaleio General Hospital of Kalymnos is near Pothia and will be at your disposal in case you need medical assistance while you are on the island. The outpatient clin ics (First Aid) operate 24 hours|7 days for emergency incidents. The outpatient clinics do not operate on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

In hospital grounds operate also -on daily basis- regular outpatient clinics with the following specialties: Pathology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Pneumology, Nephrology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Dentistry, General Medicine, Physiotherapy and Psychology.
The hospital has also an ambulance that can transfer patients from/ to its premises. In case of an emergency requiring transportation from specialized hospital staff, call on 22430 22166.


Safety and Security

Kalymnos is considered a very safe island, family- friendly and human-oriented. There are no dangerous spots for the visitors, at any time of day or night. If you care for your belongings, you'll probably never encounter any problems during your stay on the island.


Emergency Numbers

In an emergency, call from a landline or a mobile phone the numbers 166 for the National Centre for Emergencies or 100 for the Police. These calls are free of charge.