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Residential Areas of the Past

Early-Christian necropolis

On the island of Telendos, 500m southwest of the village Tholaria, an early-Christian cemetery is maintened. It consisted of funerary edifices, nine of which have survived until today. 


Roman Romb in Flaskas 

The Roman Tomb is situated to the west of the region Flaskas, and more specifically 50m north of the Stadium of Kalymnos. It is a well maintained funerary monument of the Roman Empire era, with four burial chambers. The monument was in use until the early Christian times, but it was completely looted along the way and it now lies completely bare of grave offerings.


Fortified settlement of Agios Konstantinos

The settlement is located at Telendos, in the northern part of the island. The testimonies of the past and the findings suggest that the settlement was inhabited since the second half of the 6th century A.D. until the late 10th century.

Externally it is protected by a wall, which is run inside of a perimeter corridor. Inside the wall, there is an extensive Byzantine settlement with a variety of buildings and a large cistern.

A single-space basilica is also visible, the arch of which has now become a chapel of Saints Constantine and Helen.


Settlement of Kastellas

In Vathys, north of the area named 'Metochi', an important ancient settlement of about fifty buildings is preserved in good shape.

In the upper section of it, there are the remains of a construction that may have been a sanctuary or the residence of the lord of the village. It is impressive though that there are no traces of fortifications. The area seems to have been continuously inhabited from the prehistoric times until the classic ones, when it was abruptly abandoned after a raid conducted during the first half of the 5th century B.C.

Superb findings indicate that the residents of Kastellas -probably Carians- held trade relations with Asia Minor and the surrounding islands.


Fortified acropolis of Embolas

An imposive wall is rescued near Vathys village. It forms a fortified area with a great gateway to the east. It is estimated to have been built in the middle of the fourth century B.C.


Peristerias Hill

The Peristerias Hill lies in the area of Vathys, opposite to Daskalio. This very important archaeological site took its name from the cave located on the slope of the hill. The surface findings (fragments of obsidian, pottery shards, stone tools, etc.) that have been recovered, demonstrate the existence of a prehistoric settlement in the area. The oldest findings date from the Neolithic period, while it appears that the inhabitation continued until the early Historic times.


Early Christian settlement of Rina or Ellinika

One of the lesser known but extremely important monument worth visiting in Kalymnos, is the old christian settlement of Rina or Ellinika settlement , which is probably the best preserved early christian settlement in Greece. Located in Vathy, in the port of Rina, this dense and well structured settlement flourished in the 5th-6th AD century. Unfortunately, it was abandoned along the way, probably because of the repeated Arab raids.

Even today however, it is an impressive site, since the buildings are preserved in excellent condition, up to the roof in some cases. The remaining buildings include seven early christian churches, remarkable homes and cisterns.

The settlement revived during the 10th century A.D., as indicated by the construction of the temples the Assumption and Saint Kirikos. The plethora of painted Byzantine churches, including the Church of Panagia Kyra Hosti with its marvelous frescoes of 11th to 14th century, attest to a renaissance of the area at that time.