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Argos is one of the oldest, continuously inhabitated settlements of Kalymnos. It received its name from the residents of mainland city Argos (in Peloponnese), who settled there in their return after the Trojan War.

It is a small, sparsely populated village, built on an extensive, 170 meter high plateau, where the airport of Kalymnos is also situated.

In Argos' plateau lies the most important Byzantine church of Kalymnos, the temple of Agioi Dodeka Apostoloi (the Holy Twelve Apostles), which was probably built in the place of another ancient temple.

The residents of Argos have been traditionally involved in farming and agriculture, so in there you will find delicious homemade breads, barley breads and pure dairy products. 

Every summer, the tsambouna  (the traditional Kalymnian bagpipe instrument) festival is organized in Argos.