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Chora (or Chorio) is located 3 km northwest of Pothia, although the two villages are practically united anymore, and the one village is actually the extension of the other.
Chora was the capital of Kalymnos for centuries, and was deliberately built away from the sea in an effort to avoid the pirates that plundered the Mediterranean for many years.

As it is expected, some of the major Kalymnos' attractions can be found around Chora, as the Great Castle and the Pera Castle or Castle of Chrisocheria-as it is alternatively called .

In Chora you will also find several curches, built in beautiful and strategic locations. It is recommended to visit the first metropolis of Kalymnos, the church of Panagia Haritomeniwhere you can admire the famous gilded temple.
Moreover, the churches of Christ in Jerusalem and Agia Sofia (or Hevangelistria), both built with materials taken from the ruins of the ancient temple of Delian Apollo, present architectural and historical interest.